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Forensic Assurance Competency Test Order Form

Forensic DNA Competency Test: Each competency test will consist of two known blood samples, one mixed bloodstain (50/50 volume based sample), one mixed semen/bloodstain, and one single source bloodstain. The tests can be further customized with the addition of direct amplification samples (saliva) and additional mixed bloodstains with a different mixture ratio. As with our proficiency tests, the samples used in the Forensic Assurance competency tests are randomized, resulting in a declared double blind test design. These tests assist with the competency requirement outlined in the Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories (Standard 8.4) when validating new chemistry, instrumentation, quantitation kit, or extraction procedure.


Orders will be shipped within 2 week of order while supplies last.


Competency Test (Self Grading): $225

Answer keys will be provided with the test(s) at time of delivery. The answer key will consist of the allele values for all contributors as well as which contributors were used to make each sample.

Competency Test with Report: $295

Participants will submit their answers using our secure online answer submission portal, and a report will be generated and provided to the laboratory’s technical lead or quality manager. Reports will be issued within 4 weeks of answer submission.  Due to the variable answer submission, a Statistics Report will not be issued for Competency Tests.

Additional Samples (Customized Test)

Direct Amplification Samples (Saliva): Additional $65/sample

Mixed Blood Stains (80/20 volume based sample): Additional $65/sample

Questions and Ordering

Please direct technical questions to Brandon Good at (248) 773-5114 or email bgood@forensicassurance.com.

To place an order, please complete the Forensic Assurance Competency Test Order Form or contact a member of our sales team:

William – (248) 962-3186 (william@forensicassurance.com)

Rebecca – (248) 962-3915 (rebecca@forensicassurance.com)

*** Note: Forensic Assurance is accredited under ISO/IEC 17043: Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Proficiency Testing.  Competency testing does not fall within this scope of accreditation.
Competency Test

Competency Test (Self Grading), Competency Test with Report