2018 Probabilistic Genotyping Software

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PGS Sample Set: $500
Includes login credentials for two participants

PGS Additional Participants: $200
(Login credentials for additional participants)

Sample Set Description: Each proficiency test design will include two evidentiary mixture samples (2, 3, or 4 person mixtures) and four known samples. The samples will be processed either per laboratory system, laboratory, or instrument depending on your technical leaders input. The generated data files will be distributed to the corresponding scientists for analysis. Participants are requested to compare each known sample to the mixture samples utilizing your current probabilistic genotyping software and procedures. Each participant will need to determine the number of contributors to each evidentiary sample, the likelihood ratio of each comparison, and which hypothesis each likelihood ratio favors (prosecution or defense).

The purchase of the Probabilistic Genotyping Software Proficiency Sample Set includes online answer sheet login credentials for two participants.  A sample set must be purchased to accompany the additional participant login credentials.

Fall 2018 Probabilistic Genotyping Software Proficiency Test
Distribution: week of November 5, 2018
Answer Submission Deadline: February 4, 2019

Additional Information: The settings for the software programs that are available for DNA mixture analysis are specific to the instrumentation utilized by the laboratory.  Participants are being testing on their ability to input data generated by the laboratories genetic analyzer into the software program, and not on their ability to properly process and analyze biological samples.  It was determined appropriate to provide one biological sample set per laboratory system, laboratory, or instrument to generate the data that will be utilized by participants taking this test.

The same samples may be used for the Spring and Fall tests.