Pre-Distribution Testing

All of Forensic Assurance’s proficiency tests go through pre-distribution testing.  Feedback from the pre-distribution laboratories may be used to finalize the test design or proficiency testing items to ensure that our tests are appropriately designed and assembled.

Pre-distribution testing is an excellent way for laboratories to evaluate Forensic Assurance’s proficiency tests.  Pre-distribution laboratories receive all testing materials for free.  The Report of Proficiency Testing Results will be issued at the same time as the full distribution reports (approximately 30 days after the answer submission deadline).

Pre-distribution tests can be used to fulfill the ISO 17025 external proficiency testing requirement.  If a laboratory would like to have their results released to an accreditation body, it is requested that the participant resubmit their answers during the regular test distribution.  If during the pre-distribution process an issue or discrepancy is identified that requires the samples to be altered or changed prior to the regular distribution, the laboratory participating in the pre-distribution test will be notified that the test can not be utilized, and a new test will be provided if requested.

If you are interested in participating as a pre-distribution laboratory, please contact us at (248) 773-5114 or email